Dec 21

Map of the Decade, ExaTrends of the Decade, and the Zeitgeist for 2011 -


Map of the Decade - Trends in the Living Network

Ross Dawson and the guys over at Trends in the Living Network have published a 3-page visual ‘trends framework’ that captures their thinking about the Internet’s impact on the connected world, technology, economics, governance and the social sphere.

Their model covers the last decade - the components of which they label ‘exatrends’ to indicate the vast overarching impact of those forces - and a breakdown of the major concerns likely to characterise the zeitgeist of 2011.

I like it - it’s simple and concise and isn’t too far out in it’s language - I’ve stuck it on Technophobia’s ‘cool wall’ of technologies and trends to keep an eye on and I’m sure we’ll glance at it several times over the next 12 months :-)

(Although I do wonder what happened to ‘giga-trends’, et al…)

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Nov 28

“Next time, I’m looking at hate (pdf). How has the web has changed how we hate: do we hate people and groups more or less? Is it easier to hate virtually, and does online hatred translate into offline hate crime? Topics likely to be covered are: cyber-bullying, extremism, cyber-balkanization, disinformation.Send your suggestions on these and other online hate-related ideas to me at, or tweet @aleksk. But please, don’t direct hatred at the author. Thanks.” —

Aleks Krotoski untangling the web: Topic: Hate


Sep 12

The Decline Agenda: puts Twitter to work -


The technology behind is impressive but more important is how it harnesses your Twitter followers, lists and hashtags to create something of low key beauty on your screen.

So many newspapers but not enough readers is a problem for as more of these daily papers appear….

Jun 17

“The question is whether and how the production of high-quality and pluralistic news content can be left to market forces alone” —

Jan 16

“The message from biology is that we are a group of animals: intensely social, interested in fairness and cooperative enough to have taken over the world. Our great strenght is precisely our ability to overcome competition.” — Frans de Waal (The Age of Empathy)

Jan 04

Listened to the excellent Crossing Continents on #r4 focusing on Sri Lanka

Listened to the excellent Crossing Continents on #r4 focusing on Sri
Lanka and asking if the Sinhalese nationalists and Buddhist monks are
winning the ‘peace’. We meet Tamil Tigers who are creepily being
A word in use in places such as Saudi Arabia but feels less benign and Orwellian double talk when applied to politics not crime.

As the Sinhalese go about what is seen as colonisation in Tamil areas but to
them it is merely islanders having freedom of movement. What comes across are
what we could construe as the beginning of a situation not dissimilar to that
of the Palestinians.

Their is a religious element as the majority Sinhalese of which Buddhism cannot be unbundled from nationalism. I hope the peace holds with the military defeat of the Tamils being so decisive we cannot expect a threat from them. However simmering resentment from Tamils coupled with injustice bodes badly.

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Jan 03

My favourite films of 2009

The Wrestler: Mickey Rourke at his very best. Sad, emotionally charged and a fascinating insight into the theatre of wrestling.

Frost/Nixon: Broadcast and politics collide. Period design par excellence. The build up to the interview is like that of Las Vegas fight.

il divo: Sometimes stylish at times gritty. The mafia middleman gets his due.

In the city of sylvia: Intimate Cinematic voyourism. My favourite film for 2009

Tony Manero: The Disco dance as rebellious escape. A massively compelling central performance.

Delta: Life on the Hungarian delta. A European Louisana. Looks great and feels unusual.

Mamma Mia: Great fun what more can I say.

Sleep Furiously: Slow death, small village and the library van as the lifeline for a Welsh village that that could disapear.

Meserine: Portrait of a Killer: Grips from the very first frame. A story telling giant.

The Hurt Room: Taut, compelling and abstract. Oscar for best film. Heard it here first.

The Fantastic Mr Fox: Smart foxy film on the life of a fox and a desire for chickens.

White Ribbon: Austere, symbolic and at times fills the screen with images that are so beautiful.

“ET phone Rome” — Republican graffiti against critic Bishop Daly.

Pictures: Barnet walk

North London countryside with @MetWalkers

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Jan 02

“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist.” — Helder Camara