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Map of the Decade - Trends in the Living Network

Ross Dawson and the guys over at Trends in the Living Network have published a 3-page visual ‘trends framework’ that captures their thinking about the Internet’s impact on the connected world, technology, economics, governance and the social sphere.

Their model covers the last decade - the components of which they label ‘exatrends’ to indicate the vast overarching impact of those forces - and a breakdown of the major concerns likely to characterise the zeitgeist of 2011.

I like it - it’s simple and concise and isn’t too far out in it’s language - I’ve stuck it on Technophobia’s ‘cool wall’ of technologies and trends to keep an eye on and I’m sure we’ll glance at it several times over the next 12 months :-)

(Although I do wonder what happened to ‘giga-trends’, et al…)

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